Sunday, January 10, 2010

How's It Going?

Well....we did it , we survived the first week back to our routine! It's been a good week and if I can manage to post here once a week, maybe make Sunday my day, I'll be very pleased. One little bit of exciting news came by my mom with an early morning phone call announcing that my nephew and his wife just had their first baby! (my nephew is a medic in the US Army and has been to Iraq twice, he may now have to go to Afghanistan, so we are praying that doesn't so he can be a dad to his son) So that makes me a great aunt.....yikes.

I have a few little knitting projects on the go, ones that I can bring to work and knit at lunch. This one I started this week and I am totally enjoying it. I'm not sure who it's for though, my oldest daughter or me.

It seems that once the new year started, the Olympic excitement magnified. Kids at school are wearing all sorts of Olympic apparel, and we have joined in too. How can you's very contagious! Who knows we my even end up with a whole new wardrobe.

Enjoy your week!


  1. somebody else posted about the olympics and I totally forgot it was coming up. the olympics mean good knitting time! can't wait to see your nutmeg.

  2. the excitement is always so contagious! i can't wait to watch the winter sports. i'm thinking that i prefer them to the summer, but then i think i say the opposite whenever the summer olympics come back around!

    i love that you're projects are all chock full of warmth. were you just hungry when casting on toasty nutmeg-y goodness?!? ;) can't wait to seem them on you!

  3. my kids are getting excited about the olympics because the olympic torch comes through our town in a few weeks. love your project, your daughter might just claim it, like mine tend to do!

  4. Hey! nice blog! I wish I could knit. Well, knit stuff I could use...My daughter came home with a pair of those Olympic mittens from elementary school. They gave pairs to every kid in the school. That was cool. Now I want a pair for myself!

  5. you are lucky to really feel the thrill and excitement over there with the olympics! SO exciting.!!!!
    and lisa is right... more knitting time while watching~! YAY!!!
    love the color for your nutmeg... it think you and your daughter should share. :)