Monday, January 31, 2011

Natalie got her first pair of pointe shoes this past week, and I showed her how to sew the ribbons and elastics on Friday night. She's very excited!

Ben who is in grade 7, is in his last year of elementary school, and will be going to high school in the fall. During the school year the grade 7 class will go on many excursions, and all of these wonderful outings cost money. The kids do their own bit of of fund raising, but an on going tradition for the parents is to put on a pub night, with all the usual fund raising events; raffles, 50/50, and any other game that could raise money. Well this year, I thought I would be brave and volunteer to run the pub night...totally stepping out of my comfort zone! I had my first meeting last week thinking that only my neighbour would show up. To my surprise 11 people showed up. That may not sound like much, but we have a fairly small school (about 240), and a grade 7 class of 44. Needless to say I was pleased. The creative juices were flowing and everyone was totally getting into it. We came up with a theme for the evening, Red&Black, and will be getting a jazz combo from the high school next door to play during dinner. The actual event doesn't take place until March 11, so there is lots of time to plan. If anyone has any ideas for pub night activities , let me know.
Have a wonderful week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bit of Knitting

I mentioned a while back that I started a new knitting project. With our cool coastal climate , I wanted something to keep me warm but yet something that could also stay open when the temperatures warmed up, and keep me just right. Do you know what I mean? Well I believe I had found it when I saw Leslie's new knit a few months ago. It's Astor from Berroco, and it's knit up in Peruvia Quick.

I'm totally enjoying this pattern. The back and one and a half fronts are done. I did have a bit of a hard time with the wickerwork pattern on the first front, had to rip and redo about three times until I got it right. Once I figured it out, away I went. I just wish there was more time in the day to knit!
Hope you have fantastic week, stay warm where ever you are!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make A Wish

Ah...the turkey wish bone. Still not quite dry enough to pull apart to make a wish. Does anybody still do this anymore? As a child, it was such a thrill for me to pull as hard as I could with my little pinkie finger and hope for the best!
Things here in our household are progressing well, getting back into routine was a breeze. We are expecting a huge dump of snow tonight, about 20cm, huge for us. Maybe we'll get more and have a snow day, wouldn't that be fun!
I'm still knitting and really enjoying my next project, even though I've had to rip it a few times to get the pattern right...more about that later.
Have a super week and make a wish!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello January 2011!

Tomorrow we head back to school/work. Usually I have a hard time getting back to routine, I like the relaxed, no rush feeling. This year I'm not dreading it nor am I looking forward to it...I'm just okay with it. As a treat for the last day of holidays , I made these. Very yummy!
We had a great break, lots of walks, some skiing, playing games (electronic, an good old fashioned ones), and just hanging out.
Beach walks where you have to walk on the logs as long as you can without touching the sand.

Enjoying the view.
The ever popular rock throwing...who can make the biggest splash!

Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!!