Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Weekend---Queen Victoria's Birthday

Saturday morning of a long weekend..... Monday is a holiday, Queen Victoria's birthday (she would have been 191).......pure bliss!! We didn't have much planned. Just some gardening, walks, bike rides, and watching Lost. I must say that I'm in a bit of a mourning period over that show ending, it really was the only show I watched faithfully. But yes, life will go on and other shows will come along. If you have any suggestions for any show for me to get hooked on, please let me know! School is definitely on the downward slope, there are only about 25 days left to go. So looking forward to summer holidays, both for the kids and me!
Hope you enjoy the week ahead of you. Have a great one!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ben's 12th Birthday!

Another May birthday was had in our household this weekend! Ben turned 12 today.....his last year before the teenage years. Being the only boy and the middle child, his is the stabilizer between his two sisters.....which I am totally thankful for! He asked me to make him his favourite meatball subs and I made this cake for his birthday cake.

When my mom was visiting,a few weeks ago, I took her to my local yarn store, and she stocked up on a bit of sock wool. I remember her taking me to yarn stores when I was little and,and naturally I grew impatient about being there too long,but I loved all the colours, the feel of all the different kinds of wool, and the smell of it all. Now we can both enjoy the wool shop experience together, with the same level of excitement!
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

8th Birthday and Mother's Day 2010

A little late with this part of the post, but Amelia celebrated her 8th birthday on May the 3rd. She is the youngest in our family but you you would never know it because she keeps up with everyone no problem. I just can't believe she is 8! With my parents and brother here (8 of us), this was all that was left of the cake. Amelia wanted lasagna for supper and a multi layered chocolate cake....yum!
Mother's Day was wonderful! It started out with pancakes (in bed), Ben's baseball game, a bike ride, some knitting in between all of this, hamburgers with blue cheese in them and pasta salad for supper, and brownie cupcakes for dessert. A very special Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to all, and have a great week.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Communion much has been happening these past two weeks....birthdays, parents visiting, a brother visiting, and a First Communion, that I need to do some serious catching up!! I'll start with Amelia's First Communion. It took place April 25th, and my parents were able to fly out from Ontario to be here, just like they were for Natalie and Ben. Amelia's god mother, who lives on Vancouver Island was also here to help celebrate her special day. She read a reading during mass, we thought she would be nervous, but she said it was just like talking, and that was easy!It turned out to be a wonderful sunny day.
The dress she wore was also worn by Natalie, and was made by my mom , who did the smocking on it too. This dress will now be carefully washed and stored with all the other smocked dresses.
I'll spend the rest of this week catching up on my posts.....have a great week!