Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost February

Oh my, it's the last Sunday of January, tomorrow is February, I wonder what the Groundhog is going to predict on February 2nd? Not too much has happened this week. The kids and I had dentists appointments altogether. Nobody was happy to go, but everyone was happy to leave! We came home with a new stash of toothbrushes and floss which is always exciting. In the morning I always enjoy my coffee, and in the afternoon I love my tea, but lately coffee is all I want.....funny how your tastes can change.

Another one of my favourite fruits this time of year is grapefruit. I like to peel it and eat it like an orange. Juicy delicousness!

I finished my first pair of Dashing, which are going to a friend, and the second pair, which I just started are a silvery gray, are also going to be given away to a friend. I really like how these feel on, the cables make them feel nice and snug!


  1. The thing about groundhogs day is that I can never remember if I'm rooting for a shadow or not. Those are a beautiful pair of dashing!

  2. dashing is beautiful. To funny on the grapefruit, my hubby eats them like that too and I always kid him he's the only one who peals them I now stand

  3. I almost got an espresso maker for you on Saturday at Bosa but I forgot what you said - they are about $49 for one that makes about 8 servings of espresso.

  4. Love your dashing mitts - what a gorgeous color! your friend is sure to love them. I've pretty much given up coffee altogether in favor of chai tea - lots of tea. have a wonderful day.

  5. Dashing is wonderful! And there is never enough coffee! :) I posted some fun giveaways on my blog if you are interested in a groundhogs day happiness!