Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's mid January, and the weather that we have been having out here on the west coast of British Columbia has made it feel like spring has come. I should probably clarify that, the temperatures have been spring like but we have had a lot of rain, so much that Cypress Mountain, which is holding some Olympic events, had to be closed to preserve what snow is there. Not to worry, there are snow making machines, and I'm sure our weather will get much colder.
A new coffee shop opened up in our downtown, and since Saturday was a beautiful sunny day we took a family walk down to the ocean, and checked it out on the way. The lattes were to die for, and I now have a new favourite place to get coffee!

I did finish my Nutmeg hat this week, and I'm really pleased with it. The yarn is really nice to work with. Now I want to make something else from the pattern book, but just not sure what that is going to be yet.

My paper whites are in full bloom on my window sill, and they bring some joy to our rainy days....even the kids notice how nice they look! There are small signs of spring outside too, my daffodils are emerging and my neighbours` witch hazel or forsythia is blooming ( I can never tell the difference between them).

Hope you have a good week!


  1. love your new hat!! it looks great!!
    and those paper whites...mine are long gone, but the memory still lingers. aren't they just beautiful?

  2. My paper whites never came up this year :( I love the smell of them. Thanks for posting the photo!!

  3. Which coffee shop was it - those latte's look lovely!

  4. oh... i want to come have a coffee with YOU!
    that looks delicious... and we could sit and knit... and i could make a nutmeg! i love it!

  5. It does feel like spring, but I fear we'll be in for a wintery spell before it's all over!

    Love your beret...and that coffee looks divine!!

  6. Yay to new coffee shops as a result of the Olympics. those lattes look amazing. and your Nutmeg is lovely - this pattern is new to me but I love a slouchy hat with ribbing!