Sunday, December 27, 2009

Magical Days

Ahhh.....the magical days after Christmas. In our family we have called the days between Christmas and News Years the "magical days", there is no school, I'm at home from work and so is daddy. We sleep in, we stay up late, we read, and we eat (that's the bad part). Santa always puts a Terry's Chocolate Orange in everyone"s stocking. A wonderful indulgence.

Santa also brought some Wii games, so we are all trying to perfect them!

We didn't have a white Christmas this year, but we have had wonderfully sunny, clear, frosty mornings, which is almost as good. Hope everyone is enjoying their magical days until the New Year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Peace, love, and joy always.
Merry Christmas to family and friends near and far!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 2009

December is half done, it's almost Christmas, and I can't believe I haven't written a single thing yet! December is a crazy month for everyone everywhere. There are school concerts to see, cards to write , cookies to make the night before a class party, gifts to make and or buy, parties to attend or to prepare for, and a tree to find! I mentioned in an earlier post that we pick out or tree the weekend after Hallowe'en. Last weekend we headed out to get our perfect tree, cut it down and bungee cord it to the car.
Once it was cut, we realized it was a beast of a tree, with a huge girth. (a precursor to trouble) We had a bit of a hard time tying it down to the car...this never happened before! We had a harder time getting it into the house, remember I said huge girth! Once up in the tree stand, we stood back to admire it fell over. Good grief!

Up it went again, hopefully more stable. It looked great. The kids decorated it with great skill, the lights were on and it looked fabulous. We were having an open house party the next day so we wanted it to be perfect. The party was fun, lots to eat and good friends to share it with. The day went on the kids went to bed and we watched the news before going to bed. Then it happened......the tree fell on us, again! WE learned our lesson and tied the tree to the curtain rod! Now here is our tree in all it's glory!