Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hollyburn Peak

Today was another great day that was spent hiking up to Hollyburn Peak. To get there you need to drive up to Cypress Mountain and once at the top, head towards the cross- country skiing trail parking lot, and that is where the trail head begins. I'm always so paranoid about meeting up with a bear or a cougar, that I wear my little bell on my hiking boots. The bell sound my be a signal for dinner for all wild life near and far, but it certainly makes me feel alot better!

Once at the top the view was spectacular! Here are The Lions in the background, and our family enjoying a well deserved lunch. There were still bits of snow lying around, and yes we did have a snowball fight along the way. The one strange thing we did see at the top was a hummingbird flying around, there were no flowers, but there he was zipping along!

Another great view....Cathedral Mountain (i think).

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  1. I love last pics very much.......
    Sky is looking very nice colorful........
    Thanks a lot for this colorful posting......

    see more pics.