Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Today started out with a huge family bike ride down to the same beach that we went to the other evening. Packed a lunch , snacks and off we went. The round trip was just over 15km, with hills, and not one single complaint ...amazing! I now know what we'll be doing alot of this summer! I love biking around and "peeking" at people's homes to check out gardens and other neat stuff.

When we got home Amelia wanted to run through the sprinkler. She was having a blast! Lots of squeals of delight, and "mommy , daddy watch this". I forgot how much fun a simple sprinkler could be, and soon Ben joined in on the fun too!

It seems every Canada Day we have this yummy sandwich for dinner. As far as sandwiches go , this is truly delish!

To finish the day, we headed off to watch the fireworks. Splendid! Happy Canada Day!

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