Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chess Anyone?

I'm a bit behind on keeping up with my weekly post, so first of all thank you all for the lovely comments on my Astor. Secondly, last weekend was a weekend of tournaments around our house. Ben plays basketball in the Steve Nash League and had a basketball tournament while Amelia had a chess tournament. Daddy was the coach for Ben's team, they did well and fun was had by all. Amelia's tournament was a school district one, and honestly I had no idea such a thing existed! The kids ranged from kindergarten to grade 12. I stink at chess and was amazed at the enthusiasm these kids had for the game.
We have one more week of school until our March Break starts, and then we have 2 glorious weeks off! Have a wonderful week!


  1. Two weeks off! That's great..I bet you don't have a February break like we do.

  2. Two weeks is fantastic. Can't wait to see what types of adventures you have!