Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer fun

Usually I try and post on Sundays, and I figured with summer holidays and not working , I could post a ton more....not so this past week! For the first time in two years I had a cold and it totally wiped me out....such a baby.....but not a bad record considering I work with children! All three kids slept in the tent on the weekend and had a blast. I love that they are so noisy and then all of a sudden there is silence.....even Chester, our cat joined them for a bit.
I have finished one mitt of my Endpaper Mitts, and figured I better get a start on my next project. I really wanted to make a cardigan and decided to make the Tea Leaves Cardigan. I have heard and seen so many good things about it, can't wait to get started!
Enjoy today!



  1. Thanks for the link up! Hope you are feeling better! I wish my guys would sleep out in the tent more!

  2. Camping in the backyard is so much fun!