Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh My! Beautiful Blogger

I love my little blog - even though it does come as a surprise when someone actually comments! But, to have Heather from Implausible Yarn, award my little blog a Beautiful Blogger!! Thank you SO much!

Now I'm suppose to share with you ten things that you may not know about me.

1. I am the youngest of three, the only girl, and there are 12 years between me and my middle brother. We all get along's like I caught up to them and the 12 years don't matter. They both live in the States, one in Nebraska, the other in New Mexico. I live in British Columbia, and my parents are still in Ontario ( Canada).

2. I currently work as a Special Educational Assistant. I was a stay at home mom for 12 years, until 3 years ago. My background is in Kinesiology, and I worked in that field pre-kids.

3. My husband and I met on Valentine's Day . We will be married 15 years this fall.

4. Before we got married we lived in Hitachi, Japan for almost 2 years. We both taught English. We were both terribly home-sick for the first 3 months but adjusted after we meet so many people doing the same thing. Some day we will go back!

5. I like tea a little better than coffee. Though sometimes it depends on the day.

This is harder than I thought!

6. Autumn is my most favourite time of year. We got married in October.

7. I like old fashion things.

8. My favourite colour is purple.

9. I danced from an early age up to university days. When I was in high school I watched Fame weekly, and decided I was going to go to New York, and make it big some how. I went to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet summer school to audition when I was 16 , watched a master class, and decide it wasn't for me. But I still love to dance.

10. I'm still really good friends with girls that I met in grade 1. When ever I go back home to Ontario to visit, it's like we have never been apart! it's my turn to tag 10 bloggers! Enjoy!!


  1. Look at you! I'm sure you could have kept going with your wonderful list! I love old fashioned things too...and fall is my favorite as well. Thanks for the special tag!!

  2. I've never been tagged before. So exciting. Now I'll have to think of 10 things. And by the way ... You do have a beautiful blog!!! :)

  3. OK - I'll put some thought into this one. I think I knew most of those things about you. :)

  4. what a wonderful fun finding out about you a little bit more. Thanks for the special tag! I've been swamped all weekend with parties and traveling so this is such a delightful Monday Morning surprise. Thanks so much Rosemary!

  5. Thanks Rosemary..Your list is great. I will have to think of some things that no one knows. Mmmmm this might be difficult.