Sunday, June 13, 2010

June so far

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.....our weather finally turned to more June like weather which made the weekend far more enjoyable! Saturday morning after our usual pancake breakfast we were having our(daddy and I) coffee outside and we noticed a funny moving clump. This moving mass turned out to be baby spiders, I have no idea what kind they are, but baby spiders pose no threat to me, so I spent the rest of the day keeping an eye on them. The kids were doing their part too, on reporting their where abouts.

My husband left today for business trip,and I was trying to think of what to have for supper?! It's just the kids and I. Then I remembered all the yummy stuff I have seen on flickr lately, and thought "how perfect is that?, I'll try new recipes out on the kids!" I made this awesome pizza, that I saw here and here, and all four of us liked it. Yippee!

Then I saw this other dish here, and just had to make it too. Well three out out four of us liked it, Ben is not that crazy about zucchini, but I'm still pleased that the rest of liked it. What I really loved is that I needed to buy a new peeler, a serrated peeler to be exact, and let me tell you this is my most favourite kitchen gadget
right now. So now that recipes have been tested on the kids and me , we just need to wait for daddy to come home and make them again.
Another bit of news, is that poky me is almost finished Cobblestone, about 3 inches to go! Knitting outside with a cup of Lady Grey tea....the best. Can't wait for summer holidays to begin, 11.5 days to go.
Father's Day is next weekend, and we are trying to think of some neat ideas for dad...any suggestions?
Hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Funny - I found a recipe for asparagus pizza recently as well - although it wasn't shaved. The recipe I used has some green onion in it as well as feta cheese - I've made it twice and everyone loved it!

  2. both of those recipes sound great! I know I'd love them both! and your knitting spot looks like a perfect respite in the midst of what was a great weekend. Happy Monday!

  3. I really enjoy spidders ... but a bunch of them like that is a bit creepy YIKES!