Sunday, May 9, 2010

8th Birthday and Mother's Day 2010

A little late with this part of the post, but Amelia celebrated her 8th birthday on May the 3rd. She is the youngest in our family but you you would never know it because she keeps up with everyone no problem. I just can't believe she is 8! With my parents and brother here (8 of us), this was all that was left of the cake. Amelia wanted lasagna for supper and a multi layered chocolate cake....yum!
Mother's Day was wonderful! It started out with pancakes (in bed), Ben's baseball game, a bike ride, some knitting in between all of this, hamburgers with blue cheese in them and pasta salad for supper, and brownie cupcakes for dessert. A very special Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to all, and have a great week.



  1. Oh, I want a piece of that cake! Happy Mother's day to you! (a little late!)

  2. Looks like two fantastic days!

  3. Lots of celebrating is always a good thing...and a big layered chocolate cake! Happy birthday and mother's day to you both.

  4. a belated happy birthday and happy mother's day!!
    looks like you were the guest of honor.

  5. great photography!! makes me want to have a burger!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog today!!
    will be following you now!
    i stopped by semi today, actually! came to say hi to some of the kids before they are out for summer...