Monday, March 29, 2010

Parcels and Bread

In this day when everything can be so instant, it's so wonderful to receive an old fashioned parcel in the mail! Not only did we receive one, but we received two last week. The first one was from my parents,who live in Ontario, and it was filled with Easter goodies for all, and other goodies that could be enjoyed instantly. They send us quite a few parcels throughout the year and we all love the anticipation of opening them. The second was a parcel from one of my brothers who lives in Albuquerque New Mexico. In this parcel was a bunch of lavender products from this place. It smelt so good!

Cut up crystallized ginger, bananas,and chocolate chips......can only mean one thing....Banana Bread with Chocolate and Crystallized Ginger, from this book.

This is a very yummy banana bread, however three out of five of us like the ginger in it. Maybe next time I'll leave out the ginger.

My pansies are planted, and would look great if only the rain would stop falling!
Today is my dad's 84th birthday....Happy Birthday Dad!!
Have a wonderful week! :)


  1. Happy birthday to your dad. I can't wait to plant my pansies. Still a bit too cold here.

  2. That cake looks lovely - something else I'll have to try. I made your Sunshine Muffins yesterday and they are fantastic!

  3. your bread looks great!
    and pansies...have to get some of those.

  4. I love getting packages in the got some nice stuff there and your bread looks delicious. Happy Spring!