Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello March

Well...... the Olympics are over and we spent last week adjusting to life without them.....sad but true.....and yes there is life after all that excitement! We now have March Break to look forward to, two weeks of it, and I'm just as excited as the kids. All this time to catch up on things, start new projects and just be. The Para Olympics start on March 12th, and some of the pavilions are still going to be open, so the kids and I will plan a day downtown visiting them.
I finished my pair last pair of dashing and both pairs have now been mailed out. I have also started a new project, Cobblestone, which is going to be for my husband.

Natalie made some Snickerdoodles this afternoon, and they didn't last very long. I had to grab these just to get a picture of them! Seriously yummy!

The Oscars are about to I gotta go.
Wherever you may be, I hope you have a great week ahead of you!


  1. Those cookies are yummy looking. Nice to have a baker in the house.

  2. oh! the cobblestone! one of my favorite knits...
    as are the dashing.. and you are SUCH a sweet friend to make those for someone.
    have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Cobblestone is great! I made one for my husband a couple of Christmases ago and he loves it. I learned a few new things making it, which is great.

    Now you have me craving something baked :)