Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello November

Well November has arrived, and in our part of the world, the west coast of British Columbia, that means rain is on it's way. Don't get me wrong, we do get the really nice sunny days with mild temperatures, but November signals wind/rain storms and when the rain comes it makes everything seem kind of blah! On the up side of blah, that means cozy days/evenings, fires, red wine, and cocoa for the kids!
Over the past few years one of our family traditions after Hallowe'en is to scout our Christmas tree. We have been going to this ma-and-pa tree farm eagerly looking for the perfect Christmas tree to bring home in about 6 weeks. It always turns out to be a really fun outing. We play hide-and -go-seek amongst the trees, and play with the dog that lives on the farm.

On our way home we stopped at Red Wood Park. It's always a nice walk on the trails, and this time we saw an owl! Over the past years the kids have named this tree "The 100 Acre Wood Tree". It is actually a Bigleaf Maple, and it's huge!

Here are Natalie, Ben and Amelia playing peek-a-boo behind Bigleaf Maple leaves!


  1. Look at the size of those leaves. WOW. Very impressive!

  2. We always go to the Brookswood tree farm but in the past couple of years we've just chosen from the pre-cut trees - always a Fraser Fir if available, if not than Blue Spruce.