Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 24th

My oldest baby has turned 13!! Where has the time gone? I remember being 13!

Natalie was due on August 10th, but was overdue and I had to be induced. Even with being induced she didn't want to come out, she had a mind of her own even then and was going to come when she was good and ready. It's been wonderful watching her grow up into a young lady, but the time is going by too quickly, and I have a hard time taking it all in. She will be starting high school this fall and we are all so very excited and proud of her. Have a wonderful year Natalie!
Thirteen kisses from daddy!


  1. oh! i am late to the party!!!
    sweet days ahead for your 13 year old!
    happy happy days!!

  2. oh... and by the way....
    she has gorgeous hair!
    and i love her cake. :)