Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make A Wish

Ah...the turkey wish bone. Still not quite dry enough to pull apart to make a wish. Does anybody still do this anymore? As a child, it was such a thrill for me to pull as hard as I could with my little pinkie finger and hope for the best!
Things here in our household are progressing well, getting back into routine was a breeze. We are expecting a huge dump of snow tonight, about 20cm, huge for us. Maybe we'll get more and have a snow day, wouldn't that be fun!
I'm still knitting and really enjoying my next project, even though I've had to rip it a few times to get the pattern right...more about that later.
Have a super week and make a wish!


  1. I always forget about the wishbone! Hope your wishes come true!

    Our snow is melting fast and furious with the rain...did you get more?

  2. I used to love the wishbone when I was a kid and as an adult - I never even give it a second glance. I should though!

  3. i still save our wishbones...
    but then i always forget about them!
    hope you still have snow on the ground... the darn rain is washing ours away. :(

  4. I didn't know about the wishbone until last X'mas when a good friend sent me one. Seeing this photo now has put a smile on my face... hope my wish comes true! :)