Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December

We had our first snow fall last week...very exciting for everyone! It didn't last very long though...

After a few days of rain...this is all that is left of our sad. However, we do have some snow in the freezer for safe keeping!

I haven't got my Christmas decorating mojo yet, hopefully this weekend. I did manage to put up some lights up in the kitchen which is a start.
I welcome you December with open arms...just don't rush by too quickly or too busily! Have a good one!


  1. We are supposed to get snow all weekend. Just a few inches here and there. It's helped to make the holiday season brighter! Enjoy December!

  2. I have open arms for December as well. And don't want to wish the time or rush the time away. We're still waiting for our first measurable snow fall. Happy December!

  3. No snow here....we're patiently waiting and in the meantime, I'm getting the house all decked out for Christmas. I love your lights in the fun! Happy December!

  4. I love December. That sad sorry ball of snow that is all you have left of the snowman :( So sad! I want snow.

  5. LOVE the snowman with the arms - great shot! All that snow looked like so much fun. No snow here but it's been 34 degrees all week and I am freezing. Enjoy this pre-holiday time!