Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mid April

Good grief, it's hard to believe it's mid April. Our weather has returned to normal spring weather, and we are all enjoying it fully! It's always fun to see what's new in the garden from day to day. My most favourite spring smell is in full bloom.....what's my most favourite spring smell you say.....why it's lilacs of course! I'm still working on my my current knitting project, and at times feel like I'm the slowest knitter on earth! Good news is that I'm about to start the yoke , and that makes me happy.
This evening we went for an ocean walk to our second favourite beach walk. The air smelt like spring and ocean at the same time. Once the days get a bit longer we'll be taking our supper down with us and enjoy the sun sets too. There is a resident beaver that lives along the dikes and has created some havoc by nibbling down some trees close to his damn.
My parents are arriving this week from Ontario, and we are are excited about that visit. Just need to do a little tidying up, and I'll be ready.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks like a great weekend. I hope your week is wonderful!

  2. ocean walks and ocean dinners sound perfectly wonderful! and you can't be the slowest knitter, because I am!

  3. Oh, your on a sleeve! Yes, I noticed the beaver problem last time we were there too - nasty little beasts.

  4. have a wonderful time with your parents! that sounds so nice!