Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's day and Happy Birthday!!

My parents are visiting from Ontario, a trip they make once a year. Both are in their 80's and are starting to find the flight out west a little difficult. I always cherish every moment they are here, even though my mom and I have our disagreements!

My mom and I made a trip to the knitting store, and bought some wonderful wool. My mom is amazing at making socks, and has outfitted everyone in our family with warm woolly socks. I have been wanting to make the February Lady sweater, and finally bought some yummy wool for that. Lets just hope I finish it before February!! My husband took the picture and was trying to get creative, I kind of like it!!
Ben is finished with baseball for now. His team came in third (10-12year olds). The playoffs were very exciting, I love when their name and number are announced!!
Oh ya, father's day and my birthday were on the same day!! Happy b-day to me!!


  1. nice angle of the middle photo :)

  2. yippee! you made it to the yarn store. :)

    happy birthday, rosemary!